Engage customers with interactive

2-Way Messaging System

2-Way Messaging System

2-way Messaging incorporates both sending and receiving messages through cloud-based platform in a short timeframe. It gives you the complete flexibility in managing incoming messages and provide an instant platform to run your campaigns successfully.


Engage customers with interactive messages

Change the way your customers communicate
True-way to connect with your customers

The 2-Way Messaging Advantage

Optimized routing ensures low latency resulting in high delivery rates of messages. Our extensive network carrier connections with over 800+ operators across 190+ countries allows you to send messages across the globe.
Encourage customers to decide if they want to opt-in/opt-out of your campaigns. Let customers choose if they want to be notified about appointments, reminders, shipments etc.
Azmarq allows businesses to set up predefined keywords to shared / dedicated short code / long code numbers and help businesses to identify customer preferences.
Aim at reaching your customers in a seamless way. Build brand recognition worry-free and know your audience across the globe while we take care of regulations and compliance hassles.