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SMS Engagement

Power your SMS communications with unmatched deliverability and low latency on our globally scalable messaging API.

Voice Engagement

Programmatically make, receive and track clear sounding, drop-resistant calls with our scalable carrier network in the cloud.

WhatsApp Business

We provide quick and detailed answers for your awesome business.It is a long established grow your business.

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We offer unrestricted 6 characters lengthy and alphabetic dispatcher or sender ID within our Transactional SMS portal.
You can spare your gathering contacts number in our panel, and send bulk SMS to your own spared assemble at whatever time.
Our software will endow with you with instant Detailed Delivery Reports to find the delivery status of a scrupulous number.
Our online control panel is completely attributed which helps you to manage your account independent of time and place.
Why Choose AZMARQ?

We power messages that encourage millions of users to take a next step, everyday.

  • Notify Customers
  • Confirm Transactions
  • Drive Sales & Marketing
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Fraud Prevention
Notify Customers

Integrate our SMS API to send time-critical reminders and notifications.

  • Provide timely notifications about pending appointments, arrivals, and more so your customers stay engaged.
  • You can allow a customer to confirm or reschedule an appointment or delivery from a text message - via SMS, MMS or voice.
  • Enhanced multimedia features can be an opportunity to create those "wow" moments that strengthen customer relationships.
  • Reduce missed appointments, delivery attempts, and support costs with automated notifications.
Confirm Transactions

Send purchase receipts, ticket information, and order confirmations via an SMS message.

  • Get notifications either your order placed or not
  • Stay connected with your Respective Bank through our SMS Alert and Request Facility
  • Get your movie ticket and updated news through SMS alert
  • Cancellation and confirmations alert
Drive Sales and Marketing

With high conversion rates, increase sales with SMS marketing campaigns.

  • Advertise your products with SMS campaigns to approach your new or existing customers.
  • Increase your sales and drive your business to the next level
  • Grow your business
  • We Provide Awesome Services
  • Exclusive design
2-Factor Authentication

Time-based one-time passwords and SMS PIN codes for 2FA in a single API.

  • One of the most simple and convenient ways to combat on-line fraud.
  • 2FA provides a huge amount of protection for important accounts like your email, social media, and bank accounts.
  • 2FA puts users in control of how they verify their identity.
  • Your business deserves best software
Fraud Prevention

Industry-standard algorithms, approved IP addresses, & secure HTTPS API connections.

  • Trigger SMS, push, and voice notifications from account databases and fraud detection systems using the Azmarq API.
  • Automate SMS and voice notifications such as password resets, low balance alerts, bill reminders, suspicious activity warnings, and other account changes for customers in countries around the world. Handle customer responses using two-way SMS or IVR.
  • Shut down fraud faster and allow your customers to easily manage their account with SMS.

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