Solutions for Retail

Deliver targeted messages to customers who have expressed interest but have not completed their transactions.

Send Alerts and Notifications

Latest Offer/ Sale Notifications

Keep your customers informed and updated on your exclusive offers and sale periods. Integrate your message with your CRM and target the most relevant customers.

Delivery Notifications

Provide your customers with real time alerts on their orders that are out for delivery. Be it a reminder for home delivery, successful delivery confirmation or failed delivery notification.

Customer Updates

Keep your customers informed about new products, shows, festivals and other marketing events that you want to engage them in and drive customer participation.

Information updates

Provide multiple methods of engagement to allow customers to obtain information regarding new deals, events, warranty updates and other relevant information.

Send Promotions


Lead Generation

Provide information about latest offers, mobile coupon and discounts codes. Include an URL in the message that can be converted into trackable links. These links capture information of each click like user's mobile numbers etc.


Retargeting and Engagement

Deliver targeted messages to customers who have expressed interest but have not completed their transactions. Provide coupons and invitations to loyalty card holders for sustained engagement.


Voice Led Engagements

Send out Promotional voice calls via Outbound calls and engage your customers via Interactive voice response calls.

Enable Transactions

Allow customers to schedule and remain notified about home delivery or product installations and demos as per their convenience. Allow delivery personnel to initiate a confirmation call using a voice bridge.
Keep your customers updated on their loyalty status and points. Summarise loyalty points after every sale. Provide periodic loyalty statements and allow Customers to redeem points online.
Allow customers to pick products from a limited selection and pay for them on their mobiles and on the go.
Securely connect customer service agents to customers through voice bridges. Provision customer engagements through IVR calls.

Automate Processes

Acquire new customers for all services by automating your entire marketing cycle from prospecting to engagement, targeting, re-targeting, and acquisition. Run automated marketing campaigns that dynamically present the appropriate content based on customer actions & behavior in real-time.
Provide a ChatBot interface that addresses your customer's service needs. Automate services like information, returns, loyalty etc. for improved customer satisfaction.
Obtain customer feedback across a variety of variables. Automate feedback either after every touchpoint or on a periodic basis by allowing customers to score key service variables.