Industry in E-Commerce

Deliver timely updates including order confirmation, order status, pick up schedule and confirmations, instantly with unmatched delivery rates and scalability.

Bulk SMS For E-Commerce

Improving attention of internet amongst the users and acceptance of ecommerce in India, has provided a big boost to the online portals which either revolve all over online shopping, electronic fund transfers, conversation forums, social networking, online transaction etc. This will also assist to develop strong trusted relationship between the two parties.

Send Alerts and Notifications

Seller management

Send notifications to sellers when an order is placed with them. Leverage VMNs where Sellers can send an SMS request for information regarding their list of unshipped orders and details of a selected order. Enable sellers to manage their order dispatches better

Transaction Alerts

Deliver timely updates including order confirmation, order status, pick up schedule and confirmations, instantly with unmatched delivery rates and scalability.


Keep your customers informed and updated on exclusive offers and sale periods. Integrate your message with your CRM and target the most relevant customers.

Drive Opt-ins

Manage your opt-in database and ask your customers to opt-in for receiving exclusive sales and promotional offers. Enable your customers to do so by sending a SMS on a shortcode and VMN or by giving a simple missed call.

Delivery Notifications

Provide your customers with real time alerts on their orders that are out for delivery. Be it a reminder for home delivery, successful delivery confirmation or failed delivery notification.

Send Promotions


Lead Management

Manage & convert customer interactions into leads by providing information about latest offers, coupon codes and discount offers. Add URLs to your communications and lead the customer to your website or mobile app for transactions.


Re-Target and Engage

Deliver targeted messages to customers who have expressed interest but have not completed their transactions. Provide instant gratifications like coupons and invitations to loyalty card holders for sustained engagement.


Voice Promotions and Campaigns

Securely connect your sales agents to end customers & deliver pre-recorded promotional messages. Provision customer engagements and contests through VMN missed calls.                         

Enable Transactions

Provide 2-factor authentication via OTPs for login, profile changes, and other such message critical activities.
Enable customer conversations for transactions involving customer service, product queries, returns, financing offers etc.
Gather customer feedback about product quality, purchase and shipping experience in real-time with higher response rates.
Allow customers to schedule and remain notified about home delivery or product installations and demos as per their convenience. Allow delivery personnel to initiate a confirmation call using a voice bridge.
Keep your customer updated on their loyalty status and points. Summarise loyalty points after every sale. Provide periodic loyalty statements and allow Customers to redeem points online.
Allow customers to pick products from a limited selection and pay for them on their mobiles.

Automate Processes

Acquire new customers for all services by automating your entire marketing cycle from prospecting to engagement, targeting, re-targeting, and acquisition. Run automated marketing campaigns that dynamically present the appropriate content based on customer actions in real-time.
Set up automated reminders of abandoned cart purchases, on-stock notifications, subscription payments and Shipping Status by integrating SMS APIs. Our services can be easily integrated into any application.
Provide a Chatbot interface that addresses your customers’ service needs. Automate services like information, returns, loyalty etc. for improved customer satisfaction.
Obtain customer feedback across a variety of variables. Automate feedback either after every touchpoint or on a periodic basis by allowing customers to score key service variables.