Industry in Banking

Keep your customers informed and updated on their account. Provide information on account status, account balance.

Bulk SMS For Banking

The Banking Industry has come of modern age, New-age banking features intended banking via internet, emails and telephone and the customer is constantly swamped with messages. A new dimension in the banking transaction has ensured competitive advantage and has proved to implement a better customer service.It’s the need of an hour for banks to adopt these mobile SMS service for their every banking service.

Send Broadcasts & Alerts


Keep your customers informed and updated on their account. Provide information on account status, account balance, loyalty points, credit/ debit card dispatch status, minimum deposit, etc. Customers can define the frequency of notification based on their preference.

Transaction Alerts

Keep your customers updated and secure by confirming with them, every transaction that has been conducted on their accounts. This could include deposits, withdrawals, fund transfers, account closures, changes to profiles or passwords, new beneficiaries, overdraft access, etc.

Fraud management alerts

These unique rules-based alerts are sent to inform customers of potential fraud. This could include transactions from foreign countries, large or unusual transactions, new access sources, multiple login attempts, etc.

Account and Card Statements

Inform your customers that their latest account or card statements have been dispatched. For credit card statements, you can also highlight the total due amount, minimum balance and payment date.

Send ATM locations

Send messages to customers with a list of ATMs in a given location when they use an ATM from another bank.

Send Promotions


New product offers

Cross-Sell and up-sell to existing customers based on their usage and purchase history by providing incentives and offers for new products like credit cards, insurance, management, etc.


Loyalty offers

Provide customers a link to their loyalty page to view, manage and redeem their loyalty points. The link could direct to a webpage or mobile app.                               


Special promotional tie-ups

Promote special tie-ups with merchants (off-line and on-line) that provide exclusive offers like discounts, cashbacks etc., for customers and card holders.                

Authentication & Transaction Enablers

Help authenticate transactions and prevent fraud by delivering OTPs required for executing online transactions. OTPs can be delivered via SMS and Voice solutions.
Send your customers stock recommendations along with action buttons such as “BUY” or “SELL” for an immediate response. Customers will love it as it enables them to take action wherever they are at that time.
For fraud prevention with number masking: When a suspicious transaction takes place from a customer account, fraud prevention officers are expected to speak to customers immediately and verify if they have indeed made such a transaction. Azmarq can provide voice-bridge with customer number masking to ensure that this verification call can take place.
If a customer needs assistance while opening a new account through a Push-feed Time-line, a voice bridge can be provided to your call center to help the customer through the process.
Many services in Banking and securities require the business to perform a verification call. This call can be enabled by using voice-bridge where the customer’s number is masked.
Provide customers a link to their loyalty page to view, manage and redeem their loyalty points. The link could direct to a webpage or your Mobile App.

Process Automation

Acquire new customers for all services by automating your entire marketing cycle from prospecting to engagement, targeting, re-targeting, and acquisition. Run automated marketing campaigns that dynamically present the appropriate content based on customer actions in real-time.
Offer customers the ability to apply for and open new accounts (savings, current, fixed deposits, trading etc.) within a single session. Allow customers to provide their personal information, upload KYC (Know Your Customer) documents and obtain their new account details.
Enable customers to initiate a fund transfer request using a short code. This short code request will be replied with a link that leads to a Pushfeed Timeline where the customer can enter the source and destination account details. Authenticated by an OTP, this transaction can be enabled within seconds outside the net banking website or Mobile App.
Allow customers to upload documents that may be required either for a transaction or statutory purposes. You can send a customer a Smart Link message. This link will take the customer to a Pushfeed Timeline page where they can select the appropriate document heading and upload a soft copy.
Obtain customer feedback across a variety of variables. Automate feedback either after every touchpoint or on a periodic basis by allowing customers to score key service variables.