Promotional SMS

Promotional bulk SMS are the SMSs that mostly generated and send to the clients in order to promote the product and service.

Inform the audience at the right time with Transactional SMS

Promotional bulk SMS are the SMSs that mostly generated and send to the clients in order to promote the product and service. This type of SMSs generally contains sales and marketing messages that may or may not be importuned by the receiver. Promotional messages can be only send to the people who are having NON-DND Numbers. Additionally, these Messages can be sent between mornings nine to night nine with a facility of multi connectivity. Finally, it got delivered instantly with proper delivery report.

Promotional Bulk SMS Services are used for promote branding, Company Advertising, Products Marketing, Service Offers, Event Broadcasting, and wishes to client like all festival wishes, festival offers, birthday sms, public group sms, college friends group sms and all text sms regarding promotion.

Promotional SMSes are sent to help customers to know about promotional aspects of products and services related to discounts, offers or coupons etc. Such SMSes are the most cost effective marketing solutions that helps in branding and boosting sales ratios.

Benefits Of Using Our Messaging Platform


Make your messages more personal by adding your customer’s name and account number.

Schedule Messages

Pick the date and time for when you want your messages to be sent.

Redelivery Service

If a message doesn’t reach your customer straight away, we’ll keep trying to deliver it for up to 72 hours after you first hit send. For time sensitive messages we can shorten this period to suit your needs.

Reach Real-Time Data

Our campaign reports are constantly updating to make sure that you get real-time results for each campaign you send. You’ll be able to see at a glance which of your campaigns are most successful, and adjust your future campaigns to suit.

Custom Templates

Save time by creating templates for messages you send on a regular basis.

Data Importing

We’ve made it easy for you to upload mobile number data. Our software works with any standard XLS, XLXS, CSV or TXT file.

Custom Lists

You can separate the data collected in your reports to create custom lists. You don’t have to waste time editing the data yourself.

Opt-out Management

Any customer that responds to a message with ‘STOP’ will be automatically added to a blacklist and will not be sent any further messages. You don’t need to worry about removing them from your list because we’ve already taken care of it.